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12-25-2012 – Merry Christmas Lights

I grew up (60s-70s) with big, gaudy, colorful Christmas lights. Lights on the tree, lights on the windows, on the bushes outside – the bigger the better.

But somewhere along the way, someone made (the mysterious “they”?) big, colorful lights tacky. Cheap. White trash. (insert additional terms here) You could (should) only have white lights. And not too many either. Be discreet. Tasteful. Don’t embarrass the neighborhood.

I never lost the love of the big colorful lights. Not mini-lights. Definitely not white lights. BIG. COLORFUL. BLINKING.

So it’s all about taste and nothing else. Colorful isn’t wrong . . . and neither are the white lights. Both represent families who honoring CHRISTmas.

So I rode around two neighborhoods near my apartment and took a couple of dozen photos of various homes. Some were white lights, some were colorful, but one stood out. And to that I say Ho-Ho-Ho.


I'll have fries with that.

I’ll have fries with that.


Photo of the Day – August 29, 2011

Sometimes a shot will just present itself to you. Of course, what I consider a good subject and shot, could be a crappy snapshot to others, but that’s the great thing about “art”!

As I left a particularly satisfying 9-holes of golf, I passed by this abandoned house on Highway 150 near Browns Summit, NC, so took a few shots. I like the black and white conversion, so here it is. Enjoy.

Better Days

Camera Phone Friday – 7-8-2011

Yes, I do like the idea of camera phone pics! I don’t have an Android or anything fancy – just a Blackberry. I process in Photoshop Elements. I was a motorcycle marshal during a MS Bike Ride from Concord, NC to Sunset Beach, NC, assisting bicyclists and helping to keep them safe. I saw this old house somewhere along the way and had to take the picture! Enjoy.

For Rent - As Is.