Welcome to North Carolina!

Phone Pics

Friday Phone Pics – August 19, 2011

These are not the best phone pics, but they show a grande, old dame – the Carolina Theatre in Greensboro. Built in 1927, it survived the Great Depression, the downward spiral of downtown Greensboro and dodged the wrecking ball on more than one occasion, but is now a mainstay in the downtown area.

I saw my first movie (that I can remember seeing)  at the Carolina – BONNIE AND CLYDE – at about age 6 or 7 – taken by my grandmother! However, what I remember most about the movie was staring at the nude statues near our seats and my grandmother telling me “that’s nasty”!

The theatre was a bit dark and the Blackberry doesn’t have a great camera anway, but the pics mean something to me!

Here is a link to the history of the theatre: http://www.carolinatheatre.com/carolina-theatre-history.aspx . Enjoy.


Friday Camera-Phone Pic – August 12-2011


A powerful word and one that bothers me almost as much as “hate”. I was playing with my camera phone and shooting random things when I caught part of a “NO PARKING” paint in the asphalt.

Don’t take “NO” for an answer . . . unless it’s parking! Enjoy.


Friday Phone Pic – 7-15-2011

I was a vendor at a trade show at Atlantic Beach and hit this restaurant around 5:00 on a November afternoon. I snapped the photo with my Blackberry, through the window at my table. I just liked the way the sun hit the little building on the pier.  It’s the background image on my phone too! Enjoy!

The End of the Day

Camera Phone Friday – 7-8-2011

Yes, I do like the idea of camera phone pics! I don’t have an Android or anything fancy – just a Blackberry. I process in Photoshop Elements. I was a motorcycle marshal during a MS Bike Ride from Concord, NC to Sunset Beach, NC, assisting bicyclists and helping to keep them safe. I saw this old house somewhere along the way and had to take the picture! Enjoy.

For Rent - As Is.

Camera Phone Friday – 6/25/2011

Many of the photographers that I follow in various social networks have created days where they post camera phone pictures. I think it’s a great idea and don’t mind stealing good ideas! Here is my first. The pier at Atlantic Beach during a rainstorm. Taken with my Blackberry. Enjoy.

The Pier at Atlantic Beach