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15 Minutes Will Not Save You.

I took my 85-year old mother and my cousin to stay at a friend’s house on Bald Head Island, NC this past weekend. None of us had been there, as it’s very much out of our price range. One of the things I noticed – other than the absolute tranquility – was the wildlife, specifically the SPIDERS. They were everywhere!

At the corner of the front porch of the house we stayed, there was an average-to-large brown looking spider that had a big web built. We intentionally avoided the web as to not disturb the food chain – and the mosquito eating-machine!

On the last day, I walked down the steps (avoiding the spider’s web) and took bags to the street to await the tram to take us to the ferry (no cars allowed on the island). On my way back – a 30-40 second walk – I noticed the web was in tangles and this gecko had gone to the eave where the spider slept and “got him”.

I ran into the house, got my camera, hoping he wouldn’t scurry away, and he didn’t. Apparently he wanted to world know the real Gecko!

(And maybe it’s just a green lizard, but “Gecko” makes for a better story!)


Gecko Eats Spider

Gecko Eats Spider

Gecko Eats Spider

Gecko Eats Spider

Gecko Really Eats Spider

Gecko Really Eats Spider


Rough Surface

I like toys. So imagine my excitement when I found some inexpensive close-up rings for my Canon. Delivered to my office, the only thing I could find to try them out on was the brick on the wall! I thought it looked neat.


Could be the Martian surface in a bad sci-fy movie!

Sunset Storm

While not a great shot, I walked out of my office this evening to find the beautiful mix of red, sunset upper clouds and some nasty looking lower storm clouds. By the time I had walked to my car, got my camera out of my backpack (which I always carry), the vibrancy of the reds had┬ádissipated. But I was able to capture this interesting shot that looked like an angry, red Martian surface beyond the storm clouds – or whatever your mind’s eye can see!

There are more power lines behind my office than you can imagine, so I had zoom in for the shot – which works for me anyway. No comment on me working under the powerlines!

Sunset Storm


June 29, 2012 – The Osprey Has Landed

I’ve been a soccer coach in Greensboro since 1976. Back in the day, we played games on fields that needed mowing, had rain-ruts running diagonally across the field from corner to corner, and fields where parents and players of both teams had to walk in a line across the field, picking up glass, rocks, condoms, etc.

So imagine my delight when our local association, combined with the City built the Bryan Park Soccer Complex. And it just didn’t ‘pop up’ overnight either. First there were six fields, then eleven, then six more at the ‘Annex’. Then lights were installed on four fields. That’ where the photo comes in.

On top of the light pole overlooking Field #9, an osprey (I believe) has built a nest at the top of the lights. It’s been there as long as I can remember, but never had a chance to pay much attention to it during matches. Earlier this month, the club hosted a regional tournament and I was able to spend time watching games – with my camera – and caught the osprey leaving the nest, flying to a nearby lake and returning with food for either it’s mate or young.

I don’t have a great lens for this type of long range shot, but thought it came out pretty good. I hope you enjoy.

Osprey comes in with food.

Small Waterfall on US221 – April 9, 2012

US Highway 221 between Grandfather Mountain and Blowing Rock is littered with these small waterfalls and I decided to check this one out. I had the pleasure of seeing several really good photographers post long exposures of flowing waters and wanted to try this. But being without filters or a tripod, wasn’t sure I could pull it off.

So finding a spot in the shadows to eliminate the bright sunlight, I sat the camera on a rock wall for stabilization and shot several test pictures, finally settling on this one. I think I got lucky! Enjoy.

Small Waterfall

F16; 1/5 second; ISO 800.

Grandfather Mountain Tree – 4/7/2012

I took my Mom on a weekend trip to Blowing Rock, hitting several of the sites during the whirlwind trip! She had never been to Grandfather Mountain and that was one of the first places we visited. After the rains of the previous days, the sky was absolutely beautiful! This tree, as with most of the trees at the top are permanently bent due to the high winds that whip across the peak. Unverified accounts have winds as high as 200 mph, but those are unverified. Enjoy the photo. There will be more in the coming days.

Tree at Grandfather Mountain

It’s a Bug’s Life – 9-19-2011

As I was getting my motorcycle ready for a ride, I noticed the biggest bug I have seen in awhile lying upside down on the concrete nearby. After carefully flipping it over (it was still moving) and waiting for it to fly straight at my face – it was nice enough to let me get my camera for a few shots. I liked the contrast of the red concrete, and added several PS effects to better bring out the red. Enjoy “Attack of the Killer Bug”!

Did You Get My Good Side?