Welcome to North Carolina!

2003 Flight Centennial Documentary

In 1993, my brother and I were given the honor of documenting the making of the Wright Brother’s Sculpture that now sits at the National Park at Kill Devil Hills, NC at the Outer Banks. It’s a life-sized, interactive sculpture that includes the 1903 Flyer and statues of Orville/Wilbur Wright, John Daniels (who took the iconic photo of the first flight) and members of the Kill Devil Hills life saving station who helped Orville and Wilbur move the Flyer to and from storage.

We were also given press credentials for the 2003 Flight Centennial to put a finish on the documentary. It is that footage that I intend to re-cut into a short piece on the Centennial.

From time to time, I’ll post frame grabs from the video. Remember, in 2003, I wasn’t using HD, but mini-DV (Canon GL-1), but regardless, I think there are some interesting shots and footage.


There were 100 sky divers. This one was pretty awesome!


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